Informational Programs and Presentations

No matter how good a job you are doing, if customers and target audiences don't know about it and/or understand the benefits, they cannot appreciate it and may even oppose the program.

Marketers have established the value of a good information/advertising program in notifying target audiences of the presence of a product or service and its value to them such that they want or need that product or service.

Informing customers and target audiences that a tree or vegetation management program is professionally managed and technically correct, and the benefits that provides to them, has been demonstrated as very important to minimize challenges and realize the customer satisfaction benefits. Experience has demonstrated that advance information programs and notifications are especially critical when programs are modified such that the results will appear different to the customer or public. Information programs can take the form of advertisements, brochures, news releases, and articles in popular publications, and presentations directly to target audiences.

Arbor Global has strong, very successful experience in the development and circulation of effective informational programs and presentations to very diverse audiences that have prevented challenges and resolved problems.

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