Tree Hazard Assessment

Trees are valuable contributors to our health and welfare, but they also present liabilities. Poorly maintained, damaged, or diseased trees can fall or drop limbs causing injury to property and people. The key to minimizing hazards and liabilities is to recognize when a tree becomes hazardous and take proper actions to correct these hazards and reasonably minimize risk of damage and injury.

Assessing tree hazard is an art and a science. To ensure that hazards are recognized and proper actions are taken, it is imperative to retain an experienced, qualified, competent Arborist who understands tree biology and physiology, tree structure and decay processes. The arborist must also be skilled at determining how trees grow in the area, the history of care of the tree(s) in question, how construction or other activities may have affected the tree, and how soil and weather conditions may affect the tree's integrity.

Arbor Global has extensive experience assessing tree hazard in many different conditions and environments. Arbor Global's president is recognized as an expert at tree hazard assessment and has developed and conducted training for professional arborists and others in tree hazard identification.

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