Program Assessment and Design Services

The general approach and techniques used to address tree and vegetation management requirements can have a significant impact on the health, beauty and function of trees, the natural environment, employee and public relations, customer satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and cost containment.

Arbor Global has the knowledge, experience and ability to conduct program assessments to identify needs, effectiveness, and opportunities for improvement, and design and support the implementation of state-of-the-art programs and initiatives that will most cost-effectively address tree and vegetation management needs and challenges to best accomplish goals.

Through consistent industry involvement and leadership, Arbor Global maintains currency with industry best practices and developments ensuring that we can provide the latest proven methods for developing and maintaining a world class program.

Program assessment and design services include:

  • Inventories to identify workload, field conditions, restrictions and operations challenges
  • Review of current program documents, administration, recordkeeping, field practices, and goals to identify effectiveness, efficiency and customer/management satisfaction
  • Measurement of program performance and development of appropriate benchmark indices for performance management
  • Projection of funding and scheduling required to achieve short and long term goals
  • Recommendation for number and qualification of professional staff
  • Formulation and documentation of state-of-art policy, strategy, methods and procedures
  • Preparation of technically correct, proven effective specifications documents
  • Development of the best contract strategy applicable to the operating environment and preparation of effective, enforceable contract documents
  • Preparation of contract tender documents
  • Development of performance monitoring mechanisms for contract control
  • Design and conduct of training programs to develop appropriate level of technical competencies of workers and managers
  • Development of program implementation plan with defined mileposts that will ensure accomplishment of goals within an established timeframe
  • Development and presentation of communication and education programs for relevant regulatory agencies, managers, executives, and the general public on the value and benefits of the program to ensure acceptance and satisfaction.

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