Expert Witness Services

In today's litigious society, differences of opinion and incidents/accidents that result in personal injury or property damage often end up in litigation. When these are attributed to trees or vegetation, or their management, it is critical to retain a qualified, experienced arborist and vegetation management expert to uncover the technical facts and provide an expert opinion of the causes and losses.

Possessing the expertise to perform the required analysis and formulate the unimpeachable opinion is critical. However, if the information cannot be clearly communicated to others, such as a judge or jury, then it has limited value. Arbor Global has the experience and ability to prepare and communicate materials and testimony such that it will clearly, effectively and persuasively convey the necessary facts and arguments.

Kevin Eckert, President of Arbor Global, is considered an expert in arboriculture and vegetation management with over 20 years experience in the field. He has a very successful track record serving as an expert witness providing consultation and guidance to attorneys, including depositions, and written and oral testimony on trespass, tree valuation, tree-related injury and wrongful death, and public utility tree and vegetation management issues.

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