About Arbor Global

Arbor Global, LLC, with offices in Hawaii and Hong Kong offers arboriculture and vegetation management consulting services worldwide for:

  • Utility Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Architects & Engineers
  • General Consultants/Contractors
  • Large Landowners and Land Managers
  • Public Interest Groups


The Arbor Global Team

Kevin Eckert

Arbor Global's founder, president and managing director, Kevin K. Eckert, is an arborist and vegetation manager with extensive experience in the hands-on design, implementation, administration, and management of measurably successful arboriculture and vegetation management programs within temperate and tropical vegetation zones.

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Contact Kevin at keckert@arborglobal.com.

tree fellingLeon A. Marcus

Leon Marcus is an expert in all areas of arboriculture, which includes maintenance schedules for tree care, climbing, pruning, felling, complex rigging, cabling and bracing, and tree planting. 

He has conducted education and training programs for ISA Certified Arborists and professional tree workers. He also conducts tree risk assessment and hazard mitigation, project site inspections, and supervision of contractors.  He is accomplished in the propagation and care of palms, shade trees, fruit trees, and other nursery stock. 

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Contact Leon at leonmarcus@arborglobal.com.